Seth Contigo

Seth's character sheet for Johto Revisited.

Trainer's Profile

Name: Seth Contigo
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: ~120 lb.


Cash: 3900+X P

Name Qty. On Use:
Poké Ball 2 Capture target Pokemon; adds +5 to roll
Broken Poké Ball 1 No effects
Great Ball 1 Capture target Pokemon; adds +0 to roll
Potion 2 Target Pokemon recovers 1d10+12 HP
B-56 "Petaya" 2 Hold: When HP falls below 50%, SpecialAttack+1
B-58 "Lansat" 1 Hold: When HP falls below 50%, Critical-1 for 3 rounds
B-60 "Enigma" 1 Hold: When hit by Super-Effective attack, Recover 1/4 max HP
» Elm's Phone #
> 12s / 3o


Level: 13
EXP: 2215/2745

Type: Electric
x4 Weak: None
x2 Weak: Ground
x0.5 Resist: Electric, Flying, Steel
x0.25 Resist: None
x0 Immune: None
Gender: Female
Ability: Overcharge (3x STAB when below 1/3 max HP (Electric))
Holding: None
Nature: Quiet (SAtk+, Spd-, Favor Dry, Disdain Sweet)
Weight Class: 1
Capabilities: Overland 7, Surface 2, Jump 2, Power 1, Intelligence 3, Glow, Zapper (Thundershock)

Stat Base Add Final
HP 6 4 10
Attack 4 0 4
Defense 4 1 5
Sp.Attack 9 5 14
Sp.Defense 5 2 7
Speed 2 0 2

HP: 43/43

How Learned Name Type Damage Frequency AC Stat Range Effects Contest Type Appeal Special
Lv-1 Tackle Normal 2d8+6 At-Will 3 Attack Melee Dash Tough 3d4 No Effect
Lv-3 Growl Normal 0 At-Will 2 None Close Burst 5 Attack-1 Cute 2d4 Excitement
Lv-10 Thundershock Electric 1d12+6 At-Will 2 Special Attack 10 Paralyze 17 Cool 2d4 No Effect
Egg Reflect Psychic 0 Every Other Turn None Attack Wall 5 (Shift OK) Walls are impassable, but can be attacked through; if an attack goes through the wall, the target receives an additional Defense+2. Does not stack with itself or other uses of Reflect. Walls last for 1d4+1 turns. Smart 2d4 Excitement

Next Move: Thunder Wave (Lv-14)
Evolution: Flaaffy (Min. Lv-15)

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