Jayce Russell

Trainer's Profile

Name: Jayce Russell
Gender: Male
Age: 13


Cash: 4250 P

Name Qty. On Use:
Poké Ball 5 Capture at +5
H.17 1 Teaches compatible Pokémon "Protect". One is all you will ever need.
H.38 1 Teaches compatible Pokémon "Fire Blast". One is all you will ever need.
Poké Ball Repair Kit
> 6s / 6o
> ID: 34259
> Phone
» Prof. Lyptus' Number
» Chloe Ridge's Number
» Genovese's Number
> PokéGoogle suite (Matchup, Maps, Moves, etc.)


Level: 10
EXP: 1000/1500

Type: Grass
x4 Weak: None
x2 Weak: Fire, Ice, Flying, Poison, Bug
x0.5 Resist: Grass, Water, Electric, Ground
x0.25 Resist: None
x0 Immune: None
Gender: Male
Ability: Leaf Guard (In Sunny conditions, any Poison, Burn, Freeze, Paralysis, or Sleep is healed automatically)
Holding: None
Nature: Proud (HP+, Sp.Atk-, Favor None, Disdain Dry)
Weight Class: 1
Capabilities: Overland 4, Surface 2, Jump 3, Burrow 4, Power 1, Intelligence 3, Sprouter

Stat Base Add Final
HP 7 5 12
Attack 7 4 11
Defense 6 0 6
Sp.Attack 3 0 3
Sp.Defense 6 0 6
Speed 3 0 3

HP: 46/46

How Learned Name Type Damage Frequency AC Stat Range Effects Contest Type Appeal Special
Lv-1 Tackle Normal 2d8+6 At-Will 3 Attack Melée, Dash None Tough 3d4 No Effect
Lv-5 Withdraw Water 0 At-Will 0 None Self Def+1 Cute 2d4 Hold That Thought
Lv-9 Absorb Grass 1d6+3 At-Will 2 Special Attack Melée After the target takes damage, the user recovers HP equal to half the damage dealt (after reducing the target's Special Defense) Smart 1d4 Good Show
Egg Body Slam Normal 3d12+14 Every Other Turn 2 Attack Melée Paralyze 15 Tough 3d4 No Effect

Next Move: Razor Leaf (Lv-3)
Evolution: Grotle (Min. Lv-15)

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