Alicia Pack

Alicia Pack's character sheet for Red's Quest.

Trainer's Profile

Name: Alicia Pack
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 140lb.


Cash: 6567 P

Name Qty. On Use:
Potion 3 Heal 10+2d12 HP
Poké Ball 2 Capture; +5 to check
Premier Ball 5 Capture; +0 to check
Great Ball 2 Capture; +0 to check
Modular Ball 5 Capture; +0 to check; capable of easily being used with Add-ons
Dratini Ball 1 Capture; -15 vs. Dratini, +0 otherwise; capable of easily being used with Add-ons
Family Ball: Tyrogue 1 Capture; -10 vs. Tyrogue or any evolution thereof, +0 otherwise; capable of easily being used with Add-ons
Net Ball 2 Capture; +0 to check; -15 to check if the target is Water or Bug type
Blue Apricorn 2 Can be reforged into a Lure Ball or used to make Blue Aprijuice
Red Apricorn 2 Can be reforged into a Level Ball or used to make Red Aprijuice
Repel 1 Wards off wild Pokémon attacks
Max Repel 1 Wards off wild Pokémon attacks
Awakening 1 Cures Sleep staus.
Ice Heal 1 Cures Freeze status.
B07 Oran 4 Restore 1d8 HP (Spicy, Dry, Bitter, Sour)
B10 Sitrus 4 Restore 2d8 HP (Dry, Sweet, Bitter, Sour)
B26 Tamato 1 Base Speed -1 (Spicy, Dry)
B28 Magost 0 (Sweet, Bitter)
B29 Rabuta 0 (Bitter, Sour)
TM-05 1 Teaches compatible Pokémon "Roar"
TM-10 1 Teaches compatible Pokémon "Hidden Power"
Broken TM-23 1 A container… well, it's not really good for that anymore
Dragon Scale 1 "Spirit Surge" keywords get -2
Fire Booster 1 +1/2 normal STAB for all Fire moves
Fire Stone 1 Evolves compatible Pokémon
Iron 1 Increases a Pokémon's base Defense stat by 1
PEELZ ? Pain meds, stomach meds, allergy meds…
Ordinary Stone 1 Perfect for throwing. Side effects include being able to double-jump.
Longsword 1 A weapon obtained from a Team Plasma grunt.
Shortcut Map 1 A map of Kanto with marked shortcuts and off-route trails.
> 140s / 17o
> Auto-Link
Badge Case
> Boulder Badge
> Cascade Badge
> Marsh Badge
> Soul Badge
> MAN Badge1

1 Allows you to take the Martial Artist class without fulfilling its requirements, but doesn't count as an official League badge.


Level: 21
EXP: 11500/13000

Type: Fire
x4 Weak: None
x2 Weak: Water, Rock, Ground
x0.5 Resist: Grass, Bug, Ice, Steel
x0.25 Resist: None
x0 Immune: Fire
Gender: Male
Ability: Flash Fire - Immune to Fire; if hit by Fire, +1x STAB to next Fire move; cannot be Frozen
Holding: None
Nature: Gentle (S.Def+, Def-, Favor Bitter, Disdain Sour)
Size: Small
Weight Class: 2
Capabilities: Overland 8, Surface 3, Jump 2, Power 2, Intelligence 4, Tracker, Firestarter (Ember)

Egg Group: Field

Stat Base Add Final
HP 6 2 8
Attack 7 6 13
Defense 3 2 5
Sp.Attack 7 4 11
Sp.Defense 7 3 10
Speed 6 2 8

HP: 45/45

How Learned Name Type Damage Frequency AC Stat Range Effects Contest Type Appeal Special
Lv-1 Bite Dark 2d10+8 At-Will 2 Attack Melee Flinch 15 Tough 3d4 No Effect
Lv-1 Roar Normal 0 Battle 11 None 6 Target flees 15 m or as far as terrain allows (ignore Speed Capabilities); target cannot use Moves for 4 rds.; in a Trainer battle, the Trainer must switch out the fleeing Pokémon Cool 2d4 Excitement
Lv-6 Ember Fire 1d12+6 At-Will 2 Sp.Atk 8 Burn 18 Beauty 3d4 No Effect
Lv-10 Odor Sleuth Normal 0 At-Will None None Sight Normal and Fighting Moves can hit Ghost-type targets; targets' Speed Evade is 0 for attacks from user; user is unaffected by Moves that force it to roll higher on A-Checks; can identify the real target if target uses Double Team Smart 1d4 Good Show!
Lv-17 Flame Wheel Fire 2d10+8 At-Will 2 Attack Melee, Dash Burn 19 Beauty 2d4 Reliable
Lv-19 Reversal Fighting If HP is >70%: 1d10+5; If HP is 36%-70%: 2d10+10; If HP is 21%-35%: 3d10+10; If HP is 6%-20%: 4d10+10; If HP is 0+%-5%: 5d10+20 Every Other Turn 2 Attack Melee None Cool 2d4 Final Appeal
Lv-21 Fire Fang Fire 3d8+10 Every Other Turn 3 Attack Melee Burn or Flinch 18 (flip to determine), Burn and Flinch 20 Beauty 3d4 No Effect

Next Move: Take Down (Lv-23)
Evolution: Arcanine (Requires Fire Stone)

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